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Prozrachnaya - Female Plant (£4 each)

The variety has a relatively deeper root system, so it is less dependent on the weather(rainfall) and therefore more suitable for "dry" areas. Berries are of bright orange colour with dark spots. Fully ripe berries range in weight from 0.6g to 0.9g, ripen around the beginning of September. Harvesting time has an average of 16 days window for best quality. Juice yield - 62-80%.

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Hybrid Perchika - Female Plant (£4 each)

This range includes shrubs (trees) which grow to a maximum height of 4m tall. The fruit is orange-yellow, cylindrical. Hybrid Perchika has large berries that ripen in August, and it is a particularly productive variety, e.g.: up to 20-30 kg can be harvested from one bush. Fruit should be harvested when it has attained the necessary ripeness. The berries remain on the bushes all winter if left undisturbed or until eaten by birds.

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Botanicheskaya - Female Plant (£4 each)

This is a medium-sized shrub, which can be describe as a small tree. Fruit (From 0.6 to 1.0g in weight) ripens over a period of 12 days during late August. Very juicy fruit. Juice yield - 75-85%. Berries persist on the branches all winter, due to the absence of an abscission layer. This results in an attractive ornamental plant in winter.

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Maria - Female Plant (£4 each)

This is a medium high shrub with light orange fruit (from 0.5g to 0.8g in weight) ripen in early September. The advantages: The variety has a very few thorns and long harvest period up to 25-30 days. Disease-resistant plant. Juice yield is 60-80%.

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Male Plant (£5 each)

Seabuckthorn is a dioecious shrub, male and female plants have to be adequately maintained. The ratio of male to female plants should be from 1:4 to 1:6. The male produces brownish flowers which produce wind distributed pollen.

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